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21 Sep 2020

According to Director of Auriga Nusantara Foundation Dedy Sukmara, hotspots are the main culprit of land and forest fires. Most of these hotspots are peatland. Data from Auriga Nusantara shows ten provinces in which land and forest fires emerge.

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7 Agu 2017

As much as 64 hotspots and 157 hotspots, recorded by NOAA and TERRA AQUA satellites, respectively, throughout the country by 23 July have prompted Environment and Forestry Ministry to dispatch its Forest and Land Fires Task Force for ground checks and fire fighting in several locations.

dry season
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22 Jul 2016

Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics agency encouraged public and companies in forestry and plantation sectors not to burn their lands, especially peatlands, considering mid-July will already dry season in some parts of the country.