Euro 4 Standard Gasoline Must Right On Schedule

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euro 4 standard gasoline
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Jakarta (Greeners) – Ministry of Environment and Forestry said that Euro 4 standard gasoline will need to be implemented in due time, starting from socialization, try out to fully implementation.

General Secretary of Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Bambang Hendroyono, said that the implementation saw adjustments made by government agencies, industries, to consumers.

The aim, said Hendroyono, was for the issued policy to run without any technical difficulties after the try out.

“So, even if PT Pertamina not ready to produce Euro 4 standard gasoline but it must be implemented, in stages, by 2018,” he said in Jakarta, Wednesday. (17/5).

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Meanwhile, Vice President Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) Pertamina, Daniel Purba, said that the company needed time to prepare production review and distribution for Euro 4 gasoline.

He added that Pertamina must first adjust the company’s ability to supply Euro 4 gasoline with oil wells facilities and factories which producing the fuel.

“We are ready to support government’s program. But, we also ask government synergize with Pertamina to prepare and implement ministerial regulation,” said Purba.

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Based on Ministerial Regulation issued in 2017 on Euro 4 Standard Gasoline Implementation, it should take effect in 2018. The ministry has given 18 months to two years for gasoline fueled vehicles and four years for diesel fueled vehicles as transition phase.

Reports by Danny Kosasih


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