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29 Mar 2017

In 2015, weather phenomenon El Nino triggered hotspots. Fires were inevitable resulted to 18,000 hectares of Mawas Conservation Program burned down. Consequently, wild orangutans moved to other parts of the forest to survive.

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4 Agu 2016

Following fast decline of Sumatran tiger (Phantera tigris sumatrae), the Big Cat is predicted to have only 3,000 individuals around the world with less than 400 left in its own habitat, Sumatra island.

12 Mei 2015

Jakarta – (Greeners) Media online yang fokus dalam penyebaran informasi dan berita lingkungan hidup Greeners.co bekerjasama dengan komunitas foto alam bebas Indonesia Wildlife Photography menggelar lomba foto Weekly Wildlife. Lomba […]


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