Internet Has Widen Tiger Trade Networks in The Black Market, NGO Says

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Internet and its network has widen sumateran tiger trading networks around the globe, NGO says. Forum Harimau Kita, an endangered Sumateran tiger conservation NGO, Monday, (29/7/2013), said tiger trading in black market –sold live or by parts- has become much easier these days, by allowing deals done trough internet and have the endangered animal delivered afterward.

“We are demanding Indonesia Government to act more firmly on these commercial sites with tiger trading activities in it,” said Dolly Priatna from the NGO.

Hundreds volunteers from the NGO so called Jaringan TigerHeart, since 2010, have traced hundreds of links that considered part of tiger trading networks. Several sites are commonly used as trading networks in general. From these networking, the volunteers with Indonesia authority and their partners claimed to have success in pursuing some of the illegal traders in to the court of law.

NGO of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) work hand in hand with Forestry Department in Indonesia, performed so called Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) in order to pursue the sumatera tiger internet networks. They said, to have dismantled 18 online sumatera tiger trades, from 2011 until April 2013, which 12 of them sold tiger by parts. Four felonies has convicted in to state prison for 3-24 months.

Sumateran tiger, considered as the smallest tiger sub-species in the world, has declared as endangered species by world conservation body of IUCN. Dolly Priatna from Forum Harimau Kita said, the tiger population has become more less and less with the growing deforestation and wildlife black market.

Every part of sumateran tiger is considered valuable in the black market. Mills and Jackson research said that more than 3990 kilograms sumateran tiger bones has been exported from the Indonesia to South Korea from years of 1970 to 1993. The bones considered as valuable commodity for Chinese herbal medicine.

Sheppard and Magnus predicted at least 253 sumateran tigers have been taken from their habitat from 1998 to 2002, which mostly done by illegal hunt.  The Forestry Department predicted the wild life black market may have cost the country no less than IDR 9 billions per year.

Since 2010, international summit of tiger conservationist in Russia agreed to have so called Global Tiger Day every 29 July. The tiger day is for them to do mass protest and campaign for the endangered species.* (G04).

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