BMKG : Nothing to Worry About on La Nina, If…

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Besides El Nino, Indonesia is predicted to experience La Nina weather phenomenon which stands for ‘little girl’ in latin but scientifically it means decreasing sea surface temperature in the eastern part of equator of Pacific Ocean.

However, La Nina could not be seen physically and it does not have regular time period of occurences.

Head of Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysics (BMKG) Andi Satya Eka said that La Nina weather phenomenon brought rainfalls in most parts of Indonesia resulted to potential of floods.

However,  due to Indonesia’s geographical condition as a maritime country not all regions will be affected by the phenomenon.

“La Nina takes up lots of water. It has abundant water surcharge and high potential for floods, “said Andi in Jakarta, on Friday (23/10).

Furthermore, he said that significant impacts could be seen from floods in several regions and destroying paddy fields . However, it can be dealt with sufficient and efficient planning mechanism.

Andi said that if only farmers planted varieties which stand in certain height and weather then La Nina wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Instead, La Nina can be ‘a blessing in disguise’ for its high rainfall right in the middle of dry season.

Hence, the nickname ‘wet dry season’ is attributed for La Nina. Related to floods in urban cities, it is still high risk if sewers, irrigation systems and other sewerage mechanism are not sufficient.

“So, bottom line is that nothing to be worried about on La Nina in a context that all mechanisms to prevent its impacts are in place,” he said.

Report by Danny Kosasih


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