UNIC Jakarta and KLHK Teamed Up To Clean Up The Beach In Support of SDG 14

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unic jakarta
Photo: greeners.co

Jakarta (Greeners) – Piling waste in coastal areas, especially in touristic sites, has been long-time issues for any countries. Lack of awareness on cleanliness, most importantly don’t litter, turn out to be the biggest threat for coastal areas.

In conjunction with World Ocean Day and World Environment Day, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan/KLHK) teamed up with United Nation Information Center (UNIC) Jakarta and held beach clean up event with hundreds of high school students in Jakarta.

unic jakarta

Photo: greeners.co

Eshila Maravanyika, Director of UNIC Jakarta, said that the clean up act to support Sustainable Development Goals 14 (SDG14), Life Below Water, aimed to protect ocean and its resources.

The campaign, Maravanyika hoped, would encourage people to aware and learn negative impacts of waste to marine ecosystem.

“Public education needs to continue, especially the event is meant to support World Ocean Conference to be held in New York through hashtag #StopMarineLitter #Manageyourtrashbetter,” said Maravanyika, in Jakarta, on Saturday (10/6).

Director General of Waste and Toxic and Hazardous Management, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Tuti Hendrawati Mintarsih, said that the beach clean acts in Lagoon Ancol Beach involved 600 high school students, communities, business world and government institutions.

“For two hours of cleaning up, we managed to collect 145 kg of all sorts of waste, comprise of 10 percent of Styrofoam, 5 percent of paper, 5 percent of organic waste, and 80 percent of plastic waste,” she said.

Reports by Danny Kosasih