Government to Issue New Map on New and Renewable Energy of Indonesia

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new and renewable energy

Jakarta (Greeners) – To tap into Indonesia’s renewable energy potential, government is mapping out the resources and plan to finalized within a year, said William Sabandar, head of New and Renewable Energy Development Acceleration Team, in Jakarta on Friday (26/8).

“Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will be leading sector integrated with other agencies, such as Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT),” said Sabandar.

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With rising investment in new and renewable energy in the world followed by cheap batteries and pressures to leave fossil fuels, mapping locations potential for the resources is crucial.

Furthermore, he said that new and renewable energy price in China, especially solar and wind, can reach 5-7 cents per kWh meanwhile coal price in Indonesia can reach 8-9 cents per kWh.

Tulus Abadi, head of Indonesian Consumers Foundation, said that current consumption pattern should have changed into sustainability as it is related Indonesia’s future energy resources.

“We support new and renewable energy in Indonesia which is why we ask for government to subsidize the sector,” he said.

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Provinces with coastal areas have enormous potential in wind, ocean current, microhydro, and solar powers as new and renewable energy. Unfortunately, there is lack of interest to develop the sector as it requires major capital.

Abadi said that new and renewable energy potentials can be tapped according to each island’s characteristics. For instance, geothermal power plant in Ulumbu, Manggarai district and Mataloko, Ngada district.

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