The 2015 World Rafting Championship Started Without Kazakhstan

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Prosesi Peresmian World Rafting Championship. Foto : / Danny Kosasih

Sukabumi (Greeners) – The 2015 World Rafting Championship (WRC 2015) was officialy started at Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java. The opening ceremony was conducted by Marine Corp Commander Major General (Mar) Buyung Lalana.

However, from 24 countries, one country pulled itself out from the competition.

Chair of 2015 WRC Adi Seno, said that Kazakhstan withdrew from the event due to financial issues.

“It’s a classic issue. This a race after all and there is a new category for youth U-19 and U-23. They can’t just send two or three athletes. So, they think it was costly and decided to withdraw,” he said to Greeners on Monday (30/11).

With the absence of Kazakhstan, Adi said, the total countries entered the race was 23 nations. However, not all participants attended the opening ceremony as the Open and Master Championships will be held on December 4.

Furthermore, Adi said that he was more worry about Citarik river’s water discharge as it was still only 80 meter. Meanwhile, ideally, the water discharge should be above 100 meter level.

Chair of 2015 WRC Adi Seno. Foto : / Danny Kosasih

Chair of 2015 WRC Adi Seno. Foto : / Danny Kosasih

To anticipate, he has plan to move the race to Citatih river. However, the idea was on hold because of time and money.

Meanwhile, H. Ahmad Riyadi, head of Sukabumi Tourism Agency, said that his office had prepared cultural shows from West Java, especially pencak silat and debus.

“We have prepared cultural events. We are also anticipating rising revenues from tourists coming with participants. Yes, it will also affect tourism,” he said.

Based on results from the review team of International Rafting Federation (IRF), Citarik river has comply and ideal for the event, especially from its infrastructure, accommodation, transportation and official rafting organization, said Ahmad.

The 2015 WRC will be attendes by 23 countries such as Japan, Brazil, UK, and Norway. The race is open for all age groups, including junior group 16-19 year, young group 19-23 years and general group.

Durimg the event, there will also be workshop, bazaars, among other outdoor activities.

Reports by Danny Kosasih