Islamic Boarding School in Pasuruan Granted Biogas Communal Installation

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Pasuruan (Greeners) – Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources installed communal biogas in Al Yasini Islamic Boarding School of Wonorejo, Pasuruan, East Java on early April benefiting its thousands of students.

“I would like to thank the government, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, for the communal biogas installation in our school. It is benefiting for our students,” said Headmaster of Al Yasini, Mujib Imron on Thursday (26/4).

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Communal biogas installation was inaugurated by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on April 17, 2018 which included 50 units of water closet, one unit waste water installation, one biogas digester, two biogas lamps, and four biogas stoves for 3,000 students in the boarding school.

“The grant can save operational costs of the school and keep the environment clean. Waste from the students can be reused as energy and with more water closets, they will not have to wait in line to use the toilet which makes them late for class. That’s the added value of this biogas installation,” Imron said.

Furthermore, he said that the ministry also promised to built large well of 3,000 people capacity and solar panel installation. Minister Ignatius Jonan stated that the boarding school can become the pioneer of renewable energy.

“During the inauguration, Minister Jonan was willing to built well and solar panel, we were asked to provide for the lands. He was very happy if Islamic boarding school can be the pioneer of renewable energy,” he said.

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Pasuruan district government appreciated the ministry for choosing the school to implement government’s program to add more renewable energy installation.

“The grant given to Islamic boarding schools is appropriate because the district has 365 boarding schools, more numbers compare to the total of 341 villages. Hence, the grant from the ministry will bring benefit to the school,” he said adding that it was cleaner after they installed the biogas communal. In addition, the students can also cook using the stoves to save gas and wood.

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