SVLK Will Be Required for Government Procurement

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Jakarta (Greeners) – The effort to protect Indonesia’s forest is now entering a new chapter as Government Procurement of Goods and Services Policy Agency (LKPP) will stipulate Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) as one of the requirement in procurement for timber based goods.

Head of LKPP, Dr. Agus Prabowo said that companies complained lack of market for SVLK products which resulted for LKPP to eventually create the market. Furthermore, Agus said that companies would have to show SLVK certification for their products to be listed in the e-catalogue of LKPP procurement.

“Ministry of Environment and Forestry had issued a letter No. S553/UM-4/2015 which stipulates SLVK certification required for timber based goods procurement in the Ministry, last year. The product availability for domestic market is sufficient. There are 1,300 companies already obtained SLVK certification,” he said in Jakarta, on Wednesday (27/01).

Dr. Rufi’ie, director of Timber Production Management and Marketing at the ministry said that government consumption for timber products was high such as for construction, paper and furniture. The demands will keep on rising as Indonesia’s economic development also increasing.

In contrast, illegal logging has been bringing destruction to the environment.

“Illegal logging also causes for floods, landslides, and forest fires in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Budi S. Wardhana, Director Policy Sustainability and Transformation WWF – Indonesia, said that they were ready to support the government and other stakeholders in preparing SVLK implementation as part of timber based procurement requirement.

Furthermore, he hoped that demands on certified products were not only for international market but also domestic as part of good consumption attitude.

“It will, of course, encourage business people to use legal timber products and motivate furniture small business in Indonesia to certified their products with SVLK if the market is made available by the government,” he added.

Reports by Danny Kosasih

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