Recent Riots in Jakarta Produced 110 Tons of Waste

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riots in jakarta
Photo: UPK Badan Air DLH Jakarta

Jakarta (Greeners) – Recent demonstration over election results on May 22 which led to mass riots in Jakarta had resulted to public facilities damages and a total of 110 tons of waste in MH Thamrin road and its surrounding areas.

Marsigit, head of Central Jakarta Environmental agency, said that officials cleaned up at least 37 tons of waste on May 21 and 73 tons of waste on May 22.

“In general, the total waste collected during the riots on May 22 was 110 tons of plastic waste, Styrofoam, paper, woods, rocks to burned waste. Hence, we dispatched at least 300 sanitary workers, ten trucks, 12 street sweepers, and ten vehicles,” said Marsigit to Greeners via short message on Friday (24/05/2019).

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DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, also cleaned up tear gasses residues in Thamrin road.

“After sahur, all teams in DKI administration started to work to ensure Thamrin clean again because of massive waste. So, this noon until afternoon, we are cleaning to make Thamrin back to its original state,” said Governor Anies. “In addition, there are facilities need to be fixed, such as lamps and traffic lights, including police posts, that we need to fix and we’re still checking on other facilities.”

Furthermore, he said that people working in Thamrin areas, such as stores and shopping mall, are open as usual.

“People can back to their regular activities in Thamrin, Slipi and Petamburan. All can go back to their normal activities so that economy can run again,” he said adding that his office will enforce on people provoking the riots.

He asked for citizens of Jakarta to be critical on digesting information that is circulating.

“Don’t spread information which is not confirmed as it will not make situation to be conducive. If you cause riot then you’ll face us all, we don’t tolerate. Jakarta is ready to prevent and be strict to all rioters here,” he said.

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On May 22, dozens of trash bin owned by DKI Jakarta environmental agency were burned down.

Djoko Rianto, head of Public Engagement at the agency, said that to substitute burned trash bins, they need to apply for new procurement.

“At least 43 trash bins belong to us in Pluit Kompleks Polri, Tanah Abang, Sudirman, and Thamrin all burned down. Mass used them as burning bins. To replace this, we need to apply for new procurement for waste facilities in Jakarta,” said Rianto.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih