Ministry of Environment and Forestry Awarded Clean City to 146 Districts and Cities

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Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya and Vice President Jusuf Kalla handed Adipura and Nirwasita Tantra awards to district and city leaders. Photo: Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK)

Jakarta (Greeners) – Ministry of Environment and Forestry awarded 146 districts and cities for their efforts on environmental policies in Jakarta, on Monday (14/1/2019).

The award, dubbed as Adipura, is one of government’s instrument to encourage environmental policies in regional, encourage waste management and green development.

For this year, the awards given were one Adipura Kencana, 109 Adipura, ten Adipura certificates, five Adipura placates, and waste management awards to 11 districts and cities and 28 Nirwasita Tantra awards to district and city leaders.

Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, said that Adipura assessment in 2017-18 was conducted on 369 districts and cities throughout the country, or 72 percent out of the total 514 districts and cities.

“One of the assessment criteria of Adipura is the implementation of the 2008 Law on Waste Management, including 30 percent of reduce waste and 70 percent of waste management by 2025, along with the efforts for integrated waste management, starting from upstream to downstream in each districts and cities,” said Minister Siti on her speech at the awards ceremony.

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Director general of waste, toxic and hazardous management, Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, said that the goal of Adipura is not limited to awards, however, it aims to achieve the national and regional targets of 30 percent of reducing and 70 percent of management by 2025.

Furthermore, Ratnawati said districts and cities with the lowest grade in the assessment were Medan for Metropolitan category, Bandar Lampung and Manado for Big City category, Sorong, Kupang and Palu for Medium City category and Waikabubak, Waysai, Bajawa Buol, and Ruteng for Small City category.

“The cities have low ranks because of the physical assessment, open dumping landfills, and do not have regional strategic policy,” she said.

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In addition, the ministry also awarded Green Leadership, Nirwasita Tantra 2018, to leaders of regional who have been successful in formulating and implementing policies to improve environmental quality. The award was handed by Vice President Jusuf Kalla to three governors, six mayors, and six district heads or bupati.

The recipients are East Java, West Java and South Sumatra, for provincial level.

Meanwhile, for city category, — Surabaya and Tangerang for Big City, Cimahi and Surakarta for Medium City, and Bontang and Payakumbuh for Small City –.

For district category, the recipients are Lumajang and Bandung for Big District category, South Pesisir and Boyolali for Medium City category, and Central Bangka and Dharmasraya for Small City category.

Green Leaderships awards went to South Sumatra, West Sumatra and East Java for Province category, Bontang, Cimahi, Surakarta, Payakumbuh and Tangerang for City category and Boyolali, Central Bangka, Dharmasraya, South Pesisir and Bandung.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih