The 2018 Asian Games Expected to Change Jakartans Behavior on Environment

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Jakarta’s environmental agency stated that the city is ready to support the upcoming Asian sporting event which will be held on August 18 to September 2, said head of the agency, Isnawa Adji, in Jakarta, in Wednesday (20/60/2018), adding that Asian Games 2018 is not just a sport event but also related to environment issues.

“Environmental agency and Jakartans support and proof that Jakarta is ready as the host of Asian Games. We hope this Asian Games will shape strong commitment from government on environment issues,” said Adji. “The most important thing is to change mentality and lifestyle of people in Jakarta.”

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Government’s commitment, he added, is an encouragement for people not to litter and conserve rivers and dams.

“I am inspired when I saw London Olympic Games. Eighty percent of its citizens are volunteers from all backgrounds. They got involved without using plastic, creating green environment, using environmentally friendly fuel, use public transportation, energy efficient and plant trees. The government and its people cooperated to make the city is a model for other nations,” he said.

Furthermore, he said it can be applied in Jakarta but requires commitment and hard work from all parties. The 2018 Asian Games is expected to become a moment to create change for the city and its citizens.

“This Asian Games must become a moment to create changes for Jakartans and continue even after the event is done. It would be unfortunate if old habits kick back in,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Ali Maulana Hakim, deputy head of environmental agency said the agency had prepared equipment such as 20 units of road sweepers and sanitary staffs, 1,000 volunteers to give information about cleanliness and environment.

“We also prepare 30 toilets, two toilets for disabled people in each venues, and 600 trash bins. We provide equipment in accordance with the needs of the Inasoc [Asian Games committee]. The point is not to be late in cleaning and picking up waste,” said Hakim.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih