BPOM Released 12 Fake Vaccines Distributed in Indonesia

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Indonesia’s Food and Drug Agency, locally known as BPOM, announced 12 fake vaccines which have been distributed in hospitals in the country.

“The 12 vaccines are Engerix B, Pediacel, Euvax B, Tripacel, Tuberkulin PPDRT 23, Penta-Bio, TT (tetanus), measles, Hepatitis B, bOPV, BCG, and Harvix,” said Tengku Bahdar Johan Hamid, acting director of BPOM, in Jakarta, on Tuesday (28/6).

These are the explanation of 12 fake vaccines:
1. Engerix B is the brand name of Hepatitis B vaccine
2. Pediacel is a combination vaccine that stimulates immune system to produce antibody against diphtheria, tetanus, cough, polio and Hib infection.
3. Euvax B is the brand name of Hepatitis B vaccine
4. Tripacel is immunization vaccine for baby
5. Tuberkulin Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) RT 23 is a liquid that contains PPD of Mycrobacterium tuberculosis.
6. Penta-bio is combo vaccine which contains DPT-HB-HiB (Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus-Hepatitis B-Influenza)
7. TT (tetanus) is a vaccine contains inactive toxin to prevent tetanus.
8. Measles vaccine is obligatory antibody given to children
9. Hepatitis B is a vaccine to tackle Hepatitis B virus and prevent infections from the disease, such as liver cancer and cirrhosis
10. Polio bOPV (polio) is a vaccine to prevent polio
11. BCG vaccine is a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis
12. Havriz is a Hepatitis A immune vaccine

Hamid said the agency has been following the case since 2014 but not in large scale as currently discovered by the police.

“That is why, BPOM will track down these fake vaccines in clinics, hospitals, and other health facilities,” said Hamid adding that the vaccines were produced by three large pharmacies.

Meanwhile, Maura Linda Sitanggang, director general of pharmaceutical services and health equipment of Ministry of Health, said fake vaccines were distributed sporadically as there were quality control process should be followed through.

After it had passed the process, then permits can be granted. However, the samplings would need to be monitored though already being distributed. In addition, the effects of vaccines are closely monitored by Post Immunization Events (KIPI).

Furthermore, Maura said that the ministry had instructed regional health agencies to monitor products in pharmacies and health facilities to ensure the vaccines were listed in the database.

“The point is vaccine quality control must be conducted before and post distribution,” she said.

BPOM and Ministry of Health are reckless

Head of Indonesian Consumer Association, Tulus Abadi, said that fake vaccines case was the worst case as it had been going on for 13 years.

Abadi said that the ministry and BPOM were reckless in monitoring pharmacies, hospitals, health facilities, and health human resources.

“The ministry and BPOM should have been more sensitive with fake products done pharmacies in Indonesia, which is often happen,” he said recommending for audit on fake vaccines in hospitals and health facilities.

Reports by Danny Kosasih