Equinox Chain Messages is A Hoax

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Jakarta (Greeners) – The internet society or netizen was taken by storm as chain messages related to weather phenomenon, Equinox, of which the temperature reach the extreme point of 40 degrees Celsius will hit Indonesia on March 21.

On its official release, Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) had advised for public not to be concerned of the impacts of the phenomenon.

Chief of BMKG Andi Eka Sakya said the phenomenon was an annual event and nothing to be worried about.

“There is nothing to be worry on the Equinox phenomenon and it is just a regular event,” he said to Greeners in Jakarta, on Saturday (19/3).

However, he added that there were occasionally hot weather during Equinox but the temperature did not increase at the same time when the sun was positioned on top of the equator and the heat was not causer only because the intensity of the sun.

“The article on Strait Times confirmed that it (the phenomenon) is normal. National Environmental Singapore had also denied it. The messages were overreacting,” said Eka.

The message claimed Equinox will hit Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore for five days and suggested people to stay at home between 12 to 3 pm every day as the temperature will reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Initially, the hot weather warning came from NEA however the agency clarified the warning after the message went viral. BMKG then confirmed NEA clarification.

“NEA cited Singapore’s meteorology agency (MSS) that the weather would be dry and hot in the last two weeks of March. But, it will not reach 40 degrees Celsius,” he said.

Reports by Danny Kosasih