Indonesia and Denmark Governments Collaborate on Tackling Environment Issues

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Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya and Danish Ministry of Environment and Agriculture Esben Lunde Larsen. Photo: Kosasih

Jakarta (Greeners) – Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry establishes strong relationships on environmental management, waste to energy management, and clean water innovation and technology, with Danish Ministry of Environment and Agriculture.

Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya said that the collaboration with Denmark will support Indonesia’s effort to tackle waste issues in the country.

“Denmark had managed to decrease waste volume to only 1.8 percent to landfill. In addition, Denmark also managed to transform waste to renewable energy and import waste from England. Better waste management will not only save environment but create business and employment,” she said to Greeners, in Jakarta, on Tuesday (12/4).

The bilateral agreement between Indonesia and Denmark under Environmental Support Programme (ESP) consists of three phases worth a total of US$42.7 million. The first component of the third ESP has been running since 2103 with US$ 8.73 million.

The first component comprise of pilot project which includes program portfolio management and environmental assessment, strategic environmental assessment related to climate change which promotes sustainable development.

Furthermore, the pilot project also integrates environmental management into Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction National Action Plan (RAN-GRK) and Climate Change Adaptation National Action Plan (RAN – API) implemented nationally and regionally, effective and efficient use of environment funding through planning and monitoring, and enhancing climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“We are developing waste management pilot project as source of energy by increasing waste calorie at a cement factory in Cilacap, West Java, with the finance support of US$ 2.5 million or 50 percent from the waste management installation,” she said.

On forestry sector, she added, will receive US$ 7.9 million of funding directly transferred to civil societies and international organizations appointed by DANIDA and the ministry as coordinators. The funding will support Harapan Rainforest, managed by Burung Indonesia, with a total of US$ 4.7 million.

In addition, financial support also given to REDD+ Support Facility, managed by World Bank, with the commitment of US$ 1.5 million and Locally Appropriate Mitigation Action in Indonesia (LAMA-I), managed by ICRAF, with a total of US$ 4 million.

“The funding also goes to Sustainable Community Management of Local Natural Resources managed by World Bank (Forest Investment Program 2) with a total of US$ 6 million,” she said.

Reports by Danny Kosasih

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