Indonesia to Issue Presidential Instruction on Oil Palm Moratorium

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presidential instruction
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Jakarta (Greeners) – Indonesia is expected to issue presidential instruction on oil palm expansion banning or moratorium on early August, said a senior official, in Jakarta on Tuesday (19/7).

San Afri Awang, Director General of Planology, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, said that there was still a discussion related to criteria and coordination meeting between 12 institutions.

In addition, the ministry is currently evaluating 11.4 million hectares of oil palm plantation.

Furthermore, San Afri said that the moratorium and evaluation would be under presidential instruction considering that oil palm plantations are located in forest areas under regional and central governments.

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The presidential instruction will regulate specific obligation for institutions related to oil palm, starting from permit issuance in downstream to upstream industries. It is expected that central and regional governments can be in synergy in issuing policies.

“The substance of the instruction is related to new permits moratorium and evaluation on oil palm permit issuance,” said San Afri.

He added that from 950,000 hectares of areas included in the moratorium, Indonesia would be able to reserve 0.26 gigaton CO2e per year. The number can reach 20 percent from annual emission coming from deforestation.

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Meanwhile, he said a total of 3.5 million hectares were potentially included in the moratorium with 950,000 hectares have been proposed for release to the ministry. The proposal comes from 60 companies while the rest would be evaluated under PP 60 Year 2012 and PP 104 Year 2015.

“In addition, we would also issue ministerial regulation which will have details on oil palm plantation management,” he added.

Reports by Danny Kosasih