Kalpataru Recipients Turn To Indonesian Botanical Gardens Foundation for Support

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Megawati Soekarnoputri between Kalpataru recipient in front of Surabaya mayor's house, Saturday (28/04/2018). Photo: greeners.co/Renty Hutahaean

Surabaya (Greeners) – Meeting up with Surabaya Mayor, Tri Rismaharini, at least 81 recipients of the country’s highest environmental award, Kalpataru Award, underlined the demand to strengthen its communication forum for better access and financial support on Saturday (28/4).

The recipients cited that Kalpataru Recipient Communication Forum (FOKKAL) has not been optimized hence it could not support them to open access and to tap financial support from corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Megawati Soekarnoputri, who also attended the meeting, encouraged the recipients to unite to protect and preserve the environment.

“If we’re just waiting then nothing will work. I have been in the highest position as the 5th Indonesian president. If Indonesia wants to move forward, it cannot only rely on government. All resources must move together to improve our country,” she said.


Photo: greeners.co/Renty Hutahaean

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Furthermore, she said that Kalpataru recipients are environmental fighters needed to be respected. Hence, Indonesian Botanical Garden Foundation which she had founded, would facilitate their efforts to preserve the environment.

“I asked for all Kalpataru recipients to be gathered but no intervention. They know what to do, some might preserve mangrove, others might be artists. They have potentials so why shut them?” she said hoping that the winners will not stop preserving the environment despite of the award or certificate.

“What’s a piece of paper of certificate? I want the spirit of Kalpataru within all of us and worked out by all presents. I also hope that more botanical gardens to be established in Indonesia, either it’s government’s or private’s initiatives,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Mayor Tri Rismaharini said that becoming environmental workers are not easy. “Working for the environment is not as easy as flipping the hands. No appreciation for the hard work to protect and improve the environment. This event is for them,” she said adding that she hoped the city to allocate more city forests. These city forests, she said, will be developed with the concept and theme in according with the surrounding neighborhood.

“Besides mangrove botanical gardens, I want more city forests. We will try to ensure every place in Surabaya has city forests. We will have the concepts such as fruits, medicines, bamboos, and others,” she said.

Reports by Renty Hutahaean