KIARA Urges Anies Baswedan to Stop Jakarta Bay Reclamation Project

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Ilustration. Photo: wikimedia commons

Jakarta (Greeners) – People’s Coalition for Fisheries Justice or KIARA urges DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to stop all reclamation activities in Jakarta Bay as he had revoked the permits of 13 islands in North Jakarta, but have yet to revoke for Island C, Island D, Island G and Island N.

KIARA states that the governor’s action is not in line with his campaign promise during the 2017 provincial election.

Secretary General of KIARA, Susan Herawati said that the governor has only been doing political maneuver rather than solve the problems passed by previous governor in relation to Jakarta Bay reclamation.

“Anies is not serious in stopping Jakarta reclamation. There are only acrobat of statements released today which contradictory with previous statements to distract public,” said Herawati to Greeners on Tuesday (29/01/2019).

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The-not-serious action from the governor, she added, is showing on recent policies. Initially, Governor Anies only revoked 13 islands and did not revoke permits to four islands which already violated the law, destroy the environment and fishermen livelihood in Jakarta Bay.

“Anies, instead, changed the names of the islands. C Island is Kita Island, D Island is Maju Island, and G Island is Bersama Island. These changes are issued under the governor regulation in 2018. This is a step to distract public,” she said.

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Current development, there are still business activities in the past two weeks as fishermen were shocked to find the operational of a restaurant in D Island since 23 December 2018.

She said there were two possibilities, first, Anies was not made aware of business activity in D Island or he knew but let it slide.

“The facts showed that Anies knew and let it happen. The proof is head of investment and one door integrated service agency, Edy Junaedi, said that the permit has been submitted for the food court in the island. It is clear that the food court has violated the governor’s commitment in 2017,” she said.

Furthermore, she said that Anies should not be playing around with the reclamation of Jakarta Bay as public is watching.

“This project needs to end. All 17 reclamation must be cancelled. Anies must be brave to do it for the sake of thousands of fishermen of Jakarta Bay and the future of Jakarta Bay restoration,” she said.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih