Lawmaker Demand to Finalize NDC Ratification

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Lawmaker on Tuesday (27/09) asked Indonesian government to speed up the ratification process on Paris Agreement to become a law.

Satya Widya Yudha, member of Commission VII which oversees environment, said that the ratification was still in the government’s hand as Ministry of Environment and Forestry still synchronized the bill with Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Afterwards, they will deliver it to the House of Parliament or DPR.

“We have requested the government to finalize the process so that we can ratify the bill. The ball is in the government’s,” said Yudha in Jakarta.

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On NDC, he said that energy proportion has ranked to number two after land and forest resulted to pushing more on renewable energy in the mix. However, based on 2015-2019 Middle Term National Development Plan, coal use as main energy is still high. Meanwhile, contribution for emission reduction from energy accounts 35 percent.

Furthermore, he said that Indonesia had to convert fossil energy to become renewable energy to reduce carbon emission and achieve Paris agreement on 2025 – 2030. He added that there should be declining portion on dirty energy in Indonesia.

“We have established a roadmap on national energy mix where renewable energy receive sufficient portion in the next 20 years,” he said.

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Yudha said that renewable energy was still not competitive if the government did not take action considering the price was above 13 cent/kWh meanwhile coal, gas and oil, were only seven to eight cent/kWh.

“So, the government needs to subsidize five cents if they want to be consistent in pushing renewable energy. That is why Commission VII had asked for 48.84 trillion rupiah for electricity subsidy, including renewable energy subsidy and we have delivered it to PLN to do the selection process and disbursed the subsidy to industry,” he said.

Previously, Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya said that the ministry had met, discussed and lobbied Commission VII and IV to finalize the ratification to gain legal basis.

“We hope that it can be finalized as soon as possible as there’s a plenary meeting every Tuesday. This week, President might be visiting Senayan,” said Minister Siti, in Jakarta, on Friday (16/9).

Reports by Danny Kosasih