Packaging Companies Eyeing on Circular Economy Approach

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circular economy
Photo: Kosasih

Jakarta (Greeners) – An alliance of major companies considers circular economy model would tackle waste issues, especially on product packaging, and ready to cooperate with the government, said one of its representative, in Jakarta, on Wednesday (12/7).

PRAISE, Packaging and Recycling Alliance for Indonesia Sustainable Environment, comprise of major companies, including PT Coca Cola Indonesia, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, PT Nestle Indonesia, PT Tetra Pak Indonesia, PT Titra Investama and PT Unilever Indonesia, has committed to map out waste management under extended stakeholder responsibility (EPR) framework.

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Sinat Kaniawati, PRAISE’s representative, said that circular economy approach will ensure plastic packaging can continue to have values and can be increased its use through recycling, reuse, and re-manufactured.

“Circular economy approach is trying to connect materials turned to waste to become materials for packaging companies,” said Kaniawati. “This is the approach that we will try to discuss with the government. For us, the commitment is clear, all things we use for packaging should be able to be used again.”

Furthermore, she said that companies joined in PRAISE have already started the sustainable packaging practice for the past five years.

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Kaniawati also underlined that circular economy would only worked if depending on product innovation with good management to ensure value of use as optimized materials within maximum range of time.

“The system, if implemented, will be a sustainable solution as it will not only talk about saving the environment, but also added value for new economy, and add social value by empowering people,” she said.

Coordinator Minister for Maritime Issues, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, said that solving Indonesia’s waste issue required integrated solution and not separated, it would need involvement from all stakeholders, including people, government, industries, and private sectors.

Minister Luhut appreciates circular economy for enable to connect all stakeholders to be integrated and create added value for waste or used items, economically.

“This is good. Innovations are needed. I have promised with PRAISE and next week, we will meet to talk more on integrated waste management,” he said.

Reports by Danny Kosasih