Paris Agreement Ratification Needs To Be In Line With Emission Commitments

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paris agreement ratification

Jakarta (Greeners) – Paris Agreement ratification, which recently a law, is the manifest of state’s political responsibility to reduce climate change impacts, especially on vulnerable groups such as traditional fishermen, farmers, and indigenous peoples.

Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) said that the ratification is important and crucial for Indonesia as a nation with second longest coastline and comprise of dozens of thousands of small islands.

Khalisah Khalid, Head of Campaign and Outreach Department of Walhi, said the ratification is positive move from the state which carries Constitutional Responsibilities.

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The ratification, she said, is far more significant at home compare to international. With the ratification, government has the responsibility to meet the commitments, such as on how to reduce 29 percent by 2030 and ensure adaptation efforts to prevent ecological disasters.

“Nevertheless, Paris Agreement law must be followed by national policies on reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The state has to show commitment on low emission development and stand for environment and public welfare,” she said, in Jakarta, on Friday(21/10).

The commitment, she said, is to reduce fossil fuels including coal and shift to renewable energy under decentralization concept but accessible to public.

In addition, it must also include ban on agriculture expansion, for instance oil palm and industrial plantation forest which have been contributing to high greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest fires.

Furthermore, she said that the ratification is an opportunity to natural resources management through moratorium. She said that performance based moratorium needed to be implemented by reviewing old permits and stop issuing new permits.

“President’s commitment on palm oil moratorium need to be issued and oil palm bill should be abandoned,” she added.

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House of Parliament agreed to pass Paris Agreement on Wednesday (19/10) which was appreciated by Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya adding that Indonesia has international support.

“I am not worried about the implementation [because] of positive international support. I do sincerely feel that the international supports us,” she said. “However, the most important thing is Indonesia’s own work and its public to change its attitude. This is where socialization needs to be done.”

Report by Danny Kosasih