An Open Letter For Greenpeace Indonesia

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Jakarta (Greeners) – A few days ago, an ex-executive director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Emmy Hafild renounced her support for Greenpeace Indonesia as she was disappointed with the NGO’s attitude and strategy for advocating major companies, such as Sinar Mas, APRIL, APP, and WILMAR, which were involved in recent peat fires.

In her Open Letter, Emmy, who is also former executive director of Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI), had emailed the protest message slash resignation letter as supporter to Greenpeace Southeast Asia executive director. However, she said that based on her communication with Senior Management Team (SMT), Greenpeace was lacking of sensitivity towards Indonesians’ miseries.

“I have tried to talk to SMT GPSEA representative in Indonesia, Longgena Ginting; GPI forest campaigner Bustar Maitar and chief of GPSEA Board Suzy Hutomo. They couldn’t not make any decision because to abandon the constructive engagement as it requires decision from SMT International,” she said in Jakarta, on Friday (30/10).

Furthermore, Emmy said that Greenpeace’s position has been used by the companies for greenwashing their image and weakened civil society organization (CSO) in Indonesia in tackling capital power behind the tragedy.

Commenting on the letter, Chief of Greenpeace Indonesia Longgena Ginting said that Indonesia is facing critical situation resulted to massive forest fires throughout the country. President Joko Widodo’s statement that dealing with forest fires by protecting forests and peatlands along with law enforcement is the long term solution to handle root of problems of these fires.

Palm oil and pulp companies, he said, have been destroying forests and peatlands causing fires for more than a decade. Hence, they need to become the solution to solve these fires.

“Companies need to also work to stop fires, built burn canals, and block all canals that are used to dried peats,” said Longgena.

Greenpeace encourages for transparency on forest data and information for sustainable forest management and reduce environmental disasters, including forest fires.

Greenpeace, Longgena added, also pushes for open and transparent law enforcement process.

Greenpeace welcomes all protests and inputs with open arms. The organization had been staging acts and campaigns on forest protection and urging for long term solution and permanent.

“To be able to be independent, Greenpeace does not receive funding from companies, political party and government even around the world. Greenpeace only relies on individual and foundation for its funding,” he said.

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