Green Education Event, Jaga Wiyata, Held in Four Provinces in Indonesia

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jaga wiyata
Photo: Purningsih

Jakarta (Greeners) – Jaga Wiyata, an environmental education initiated by Botanical Gardens of Indonesia Foundation (YKRI), provides awareness to elementary and junior high school students on the importance of natural resources and environment during Jaga Bhumi event.

Vice Chair of the Foundation, Alexander Sonny Keraf said that Jaga Wiyata program aimed to give awareness and education to children about environment and plants, especially those living in urban areas.

“I hope this educational event can leave the footprints in those children’s lives despite of other influences in their lives. But, I hope it can stay with them until they’re old enough,” he added in Jakarta, on Friday (09/02/2018).

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Technically, Jaga Wiyata is a program for a team of educators to visit at least 200 elementary and junior high schools, which already run since August 2017. Up to date, the program is running in four provinces, — DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and East Java –.

Jaga Wiyata’ activities comprise of Jaga Bhumi event, Q&A event about environment issues, introduction to plants and animals through Flona Card games, recycling and tree planting. All these activities took two and a half hour for each schools.

“With activities from Jaga Wiyata, children is expected to become environmental drivers by reminding the adults, at least their parents or families. If parents being reminded by their own children, it would be more relatable that my own children reminds me small and simple stuffs in everyday lives. For instance, not planting tree, energy efficiency, waste management, and food waste,” said Keraf.

Furthermore, Keraf reminded authorities, including government that education did not necessarily comes from books and strict but also direct interaction with nature, plants, and animals.

He said that protecting Earth is crucial in any children’s growth.

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On a school visit to 05 State Elementary School, Paseban, Central Jakarta, on Friday, children were enthusiastic to follow all activities of Jaga Wiyata.

Sarah Huwayrah Hasan, fifth grader, said she was excited to follow the program, especially on plants and animals.

“The program also explains on waste classification, such as organic and non-organic wastes, and toxic waste. It was fun and exciting,” said Nur Alam Solehudin, another fifth grader.

Headmaster of the school, Lukiana Napitupulu said that the school has its own environment related program, such as sanitary event and tree planting every Friday.

“Though it’s not optimized but we’re always trying to improve the Friday event,” said Napitupulu adding that the school also has other activities, such as Ant Operation, mutual cooperation to clean the school. “We are grateful and wish that the visit from the Foundation and Jaga Bhumi team would support and educate children to protect the environment and Earth.”

Report by Dewi Purningsih