KLHK and Peat Restoration Agency Joins Hands in Research and Development

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peat restoration
Photo: glennhurowitz/flickr.com

Jakarta (Greeners) – Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and Peatland Restoration Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding on research action and uses, in Jakarta, on Thursday(25/5).

Head of Research and Innovation Development, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Henry Bastaman said the cooperation will cover monitoring, facility and coordination actions on research results, development and innovation of environment and forestry to support peat restoration implementation.

The Peat Restoration Agency will cooperate with the Forestry Research and Development Center, Social Research and Development Center, Economics, Policy and Climate Change (P3SEKPI), Banjarbaru Environment and Forestry Research and Development Center, Palembang Environment and Forestry Research and Development Center, and Forest Plant Fiber Technology Research and Development.

The actions will include peatland restoration, bee farming pilot projects, charcoal research and economical research in peatlands.

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“There are demo plots or try outs which we can display related to peat researches which we have been doing, so we are sure that what we develop can be implemented,” said Bastaman. “Hence, we asked for all officials, especially researchers to dedicate their specialties on this cooperation.”

Deputy of Research and Development, Peat Restoration Agency, Haris Gunawan, said that peat restoration based on researches can be implemented.

“We are hoping that what we are doing can contribute for people,” said Gunawan.

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The signing was followed by seven other cooperation by Head of Research and Development Peat Restoration Agency, Nugroho Priyono with secretary of Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s Research and Development, and other research and development officials.

Previously, Ministry of Environment and Forestry with Peatland Restoration Agency made a commitment to protect peat ecosystem in Indonesia which is stipulated under Government Regulation issued in 2016 on Peat Ecosystem Protection and Management.

Reports by Danny Kosasih