The 2015 National Flora and Fauna Day Promotes on Bodiversity Preservation

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Foto: Wildlife Photography

Jakarta (Greeners) – It is never easy to develop awareness and love for animals and plants in Indonesia. To know, care, and save animals and plants are not limited to those endangered and protected species.

Hence, to reach this goal, this year’s National Flora and Fauna Day chooses the theme ‘Let’s Save Animals and Plants To Support Human’s Life Starting From Our Neighborhood’.

Laksmi Dewanti, head of 2015 celebration, said that the mascots chosen for the national day were Nias myna (Gracula robusta) bird and elephant foot yam or stink lily.

Furthermore, Laksmi said that Nias myna bird is a member of the starling family with high risk of extinction. Meanwhile, the lily, locally known as suweg, is a member of Amorphophallus family (or the corpse flower) but with smaller size and have roots. These roots are considered as staple for people, especially in Java areas.

“Suweg is member of Amorphophallus. We mostly can find it in Java areas. Nias myna bird and suweg are pretty known by people, that is why we make them this year’s mascots, so that people could understand on how to preserve them,” said Laksmi to Greeners, in Jakarta, on Monday (2/11).

The main celebration is due to be held on Nov.28 in South Kalimantan but still waiting for President Joko Widodo’s schedule. Laksmi added two major events will be celebrated at the same time, the National Flora and Fauna Day, which falls every Nov. 5 and National Tree Planting Day on Nov. 28.

“Why in South Kalimantan? Because, National Tree Planting Day is relevant to efforts of rehabilitating burned lands and forests. However, it still can change, ” she said.

In addition, Laksmi said that there was going to be an event of receiving Sumatran rhino back from Cincinnati, US. The male rhino, Harapan, will be returned to Way Kambas National Park in Lampung. Other events are elephant hospital inauguration in Way Kabas and orangutan repatriation from Thailand. The smuggled orangutan will be delivered by Thai government.

“There is alos national dialog between conservationists, music concert and photography competition at Taman Safari, and Boy Scout event, Saka Kalpataru. Afterwards, we will continue the celebration with tree planting month,” she added.

Report by Danny Kosasih


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