Tiger NGO Demand Lawsuit for Tiger-attacked Survivors

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Jakarta (Greeners) – The five men may seems as innocent victims of tiger-attacked in Aceh Tamiang District, Aceh Province, Indonesia but sumatran tiger conservation NGO of Forum Harimau Kita demanded them to be sued in court of law. The NGO claimed those men are guilty for doing illegal logging in conservation forest of Kawasan Ekosistem Leuser, where the tiger attacked them at the first place.

“Forum (the NGO nickname) demand law authority to push lawsuit on the five survived men, based on the existing law,” said Dolly Priatna, as written in the NGO press release.

Six local men was exploring the conservation forest which happens to be endangered sumatran tiger home in Aceh Province, Tuesday, (4/7/2013). They were to harvest some aroma therapy aloes tree grown naturally there. They claimed to put animal trap in order to catch deer for food, instead to got an endangered sumatra tiger cub. Soon as they discovered the cub, four Sumatran adult tigers attacked them and killed one of them, David, 28 years old, meanwhile his friends had too climbed a tree to survive from the furious tigers. They stayed in tree until rescued by evacuation team of Leuser.

Dolly from the NGO sent their condolence for David’s death, but he said, local Government of Aceh Province still need to push law suit to the surviving men, and at the same time, campaign more on conservation law for endangered sumatran tiger in the neighboring villages. The six men are come from village of Simpang Kiri, neighboring with the conservation area. Dolly point out the incident proved conflict between tigers and people grown as the forest cover in Sumatra is getting less.

The NGO also demand Aceh Government to perform so called conflict management team to handle the problem.

The  five surviving men are Adi Susilo. 37 years old, Mujiono, 33 years old, Budi Setiawan, 36 years, Suriadi, 39 years and Awaluddin, 26 years old.*(G04).