31 Illegal Fishing Vessels Sank in Five Different Locations

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Indonesian government under 115 Task Force sank 31 vessels allegedly illegally fishing in the country’s territory early this year.

Eight vessels from Vietnam were drowned in Pontianak of West Kalimantan, six vessels from Phillipines and four vessels from Indonesia were drowned in Bitung of North Sulawesi, seven Malaysian vessels and three Vietnamese vessels in Batam, Riau islands, one vessel from Phillipines in Tahuna of North Sulawesi and one vessel from Malaysia and one vessel from Belize were drowned in Belawan, North Sumatera.

The drowning process was led by Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, who also head of 115 Task Force through live streaming from her office in Jakarta.

All vessels were drowned on Monday (22/2) started with Pontianak at 11.15 am.

“The drowning is supported through intensive cooperation between Navy, the Police, Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla), District Attorney, and other related institutions such as ministry’s Marine Monitoring Vessel, Indonesian Navy Vessel, Police vessel and Bakamla vessel,” said Susi as quoted in a press release on Monday (22/02), in Jakarta.

Since October 2014, a total of 152 boats, — 50 from Vietnam, 43 from Phillipines, 21 from Thailand, 20 from Malaysia, two from Papua New Guinea, one Chinese boat, 1 Belize boat and 14 from Indonesia, — were drowned.

Based on the 2009 Law on Fisheries, the state entitle to sink illegal fishing boats after the approval from Head of District Court and based on court’s order which has reached permanent legal status (inkracht).

Reports by Danny Kosasih


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