Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo Held Recycling Competition of Campaign Props

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ganjar pranowo
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo. Photo: Youtube

Semarang (Greeners) – Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo announces a competition to recycle campaign props to valuable goods on his social media account which worth a total of Rp20 million (US$1,421).

“Please, don’t litter, because there are materials from plastics. It will turn into waste. So, I want this campaign props waste to be recycled into other high economical valuable items,” said Governor Ganjar via press release on Friday (19/04/2019).

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After its announcement on April 14th, there are hundreds of unique crafts made of campaign props entering the competition, pushing the deadline to 29 April 2019.

Furthermore, he said that banners or campaign banners made of plastic can pollute the environment. By recycling, public can participate in reducing waste, especially plastic.

“Please remember that plastic is polluting. Don’t throw them away and it can multi-function,” he said.

ganjar pranowo

Photos: central java provincial government

Based on data receives by Greeners, more than 150 entries submitted to #GanjarDaurUlangAPK, which ranges from woven arts, buckets, wallets, wall ornamental, raincoats, umbrellas, to vests. The competition is open for public and not limited to Central Java residents.

From his verified Instagram account, Governor Ganjar put up the requirements for the competition are function, product strength and reduplication. The crafts must be photographed and uploaded in participants’ own accounts and tag @ganjar_pranowo with hashtag #GanjarDaurUlangAPK. The crafts then must be sent to the governor’s house at Jalan Gubernur Boediono Nomor 8, Gajahmungkur – Semarang.

The total Rp20 million will be divided as Rp7 million (US$497) for the 1st Winner, Rp3.5 million (US$248) for 1Bst Winner, Rp2.5 million (US$177) for 1Cst winner and the best seven nominations will receive each Rp1 million (US$71).

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Meanwhile, Bima Husadani, staff of Central Java Govenor, said that the crafts entering the competition will be displayed at the governor’s office.

“The plan is that Pak Ganjar will held an exhibition, the alternative venue is the governor’s office. It is the result of Pak Ganjar campaigning for reducing plastic waste. Before this competition, on November 2018, Pak Ganjar also held a design competition for tumbler. Currently, the governor’s office is no longer using plastic and the governor often uses tumbler everywhere he goes,” said Husadani.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih