Switzerland Shows Interest to Invest Renewable Energy in Indonesia

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Photo: Danny Kosasih/greeners.co

Jakarta (Greeners) – State Minister of National Development Planning or Bappenas, Sofyan Djalil conducted a series of bilateral meeting on energy renewable, environment and transportation with Vice President of Switzerland, Doris Leuthard.

Sofyan said that Leuthard, who was also Environment, Transportation and Energy Minister, had interests in participating as investor and technology provider in Indonesia.

“They posses technology and the companies are keen on investing, provide technology among others. I told [them] that there are plenty of opportunities to invest in Indonesia and we are hoping that they can participate,” he said to Greeners in Jakarta, on Wednesday (30/3).

However, Sofyan added that he uncertain on the amount of the investment but promised that Indonesia opened its door for investments in urban transportation, clean water access, and other infrastructure issues of which the country has sufficient technologies to tackle them.

Furthermore, Sofyan said there was a bit of glitch concerning regulation for renewable energy development. Though, he added quickly that the obstacle would be handled immediately as the country’s target for 23 percent of renewable energy by 2025 as stipulated by the law.

“We understand that it’s the law. By 2025, renewable energy mix must be 23 percent. There are shortcomings but Pak Sudirman [Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources] is working hard to solve it. Let’s just hope that it will be achieved,” he said adding that Leuthard’s visit was a step forward to discuss European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Indonesia-EFTA negotiation has been stalled for three years and Indonesia has been committed to continue on.

“I think renewable energy is no longer an option. We must focus on transportation in this country. The same with energy sector. Indonesia has potentials waiting to be tapped as replacement for fossil fuels,” said Leuthard.

Indonesia’s energy mix comprise of 37 percent oil, 22 percent gas, 29 percent coal, and 12 percent renewable energy. In addition, Indonesia has been encouraging renewable energy for electricity supply.

Power plants fueled by renewable energy is predicted to increase 33 percent and 38 percent by 2025 and 2050, respectively. It will increase electricity supply from 45 Gigawatt to 169 Gigawatt.

Reports by Danny Kosasih


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