Indonesia Prepares For Upcoming Climate Conference

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climate conference
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Jakarta (Greeners) – A senior official said on Thursday (6/7) Indonesian delegation prepares itself for the upcoming climate change conference to nail down the guidance of Paris Agreement.

The Bonn Climate Conference, held on November 6-17, will highlight on the details of modality, procedure and guidance, dubbed as Paris Rules Books.

Director General of Climate Change Control at Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Nur Masripatin, predicted eight percent of the negotiators will be focusing on discussing the Paris Rules Book as an important part to implement Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs.

“According to Paris Agreement mandate, we need to set up guidance to implement NDC. Then, information on adaptation, how adaptation on climate change being communicated. Then, what kinds of information shared to public to ensure transparency,” said Masripatin at the Kick Off Meeting : Indonesia’s Preparedness To UNFCCC COP 23, adding it as the difficult home work.

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Nevertheless, Masripatin said there were nations wanted to exclude the guidance. “They prefer to be handled by their own countries,” she added. “If that’s the case, it would be difficult to compare each nation’s commitment, globally.”

She added that Paris Rules Books contain decisions on modality for Paris Agreement’s implementation for each issues in every countries and become a huge target to be decided at COP 24. Paris Rules Book is needed to compare NDCs from all nations so they don’t set up their own versions.

Nations have committed, she added, to keep world’s temperature below two degrees if their NDCs cannot be compared then how to evaluate on their promises.

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Up to date, Indonesian delegation have already set up Indonesia’s Submission since June to end of October. In addition, the delegation will form negotiator team and secretariat team which should be finalized this month and prepare the Position and Guidance.

“Meanwhile, to prepare for non-negotiation, [the delegation] has formed Pavilion Team by setting up delegation office and side events with the theme Forest and Land Sector,” she said.

Reports by Danny Kosasih