Ministry of Environment and Forestry Launches Labuan Bajo Recycling Center

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Ministry of Environment and Forestry inaugurates Labuan Bajo Recycling Center in West Manggarai district of East Nusa Tenggara. The center is expected to reduce waste in the landfills.

Novrizal Tahar, director of waste management at the ministry, said that the government is giving special attention on waste issues in Labuan Bajo for its status as one of Strategic National Tourism. Hence, the recycling center development.

“Labuan Bajo is known as touristic site favored by tourists so its waste management must be good. [The government] hopes that this recycling center can be important and significant solution for waste management in Labuan Bajo, said Tahar to Greeners, on Friday (21/12/2018).

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The center is expected to recycle up to five tons of waste per day from estimated 12-13 tons waste produced in the area.

Furthermore, he said that it took a year preparation to develop the recycling center, from upstream to downstream, including education, socialization, and institutional building. It is aiming to change people’s attitude for the environment.

The Labuan Bajo Recycling Center will be run by regional administration cooperating with communities and local people. Its management will be monitored and evaluated every three months by the ministry under a working group. So, the center can work efficiently.

In addition, the ministry also granted a vessel ‘Jaga Bahari’ as waste facilities in coastal areas, thematic trash bins as the efforts for education and socialization to local people.

“We trusted [the management] to regional administration. We also provide education to Surabaya to be familiarized with policy or steps taken by Surabaya which can also be applied in Labuan Bajo,” he said encouraging local communities, such as Trash Hero Indonesia and Female Care for the Environment Community to work together for waste management in Labuan Bajo.

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Meanwhile, Maria Geong, deputy bupati of West Manggarai, said the facilities should be properly used and served as accurate and valid data support, not just another ceremony.

“Regional government needs to be responsible for the recycling center and these facilities. For instance, the vessel should allow [the government] to collect waste systematically and provide daily data so we know when the volume increases and decreases, when and where,” said Geong.

Furthermore, she said that the facilities are not beneficial only for local people, but also could serve as information and data on waste, by learning the pattern and fluctuation in waste management.

“So, me as decision maker can make the proper decisions in terms of regulations, facilities, and socialization,” she said.

The ministry also held clean up action in Labuan Bajo Pink Harbor with Trash Hero community, Female Care for the Environment and Labuan Bajo Muhammadiyah School.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih

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