Ministry of Health Focuses on Bus Drivers’ Health for Mudik 2019

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mudik 2019
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Jakarta (Greeners) – During mudik 2019, Ministry of Health will focus on health services for drivers, especially those driving more than four hours.

In addition, the ministry will also open health consultation for bus companies to push work safety and security attitude.

“One of the main focus of health services by ministry of health for this year’s mudik is medical check up for drivers, especially public transportation drivers. Medical check-up for drivers is important to reduce accident risks in the road during mudik,” said Bambang Wibowo, director general of health services of Ministry of Health, in Jakarta on Thursday (23/05/2019).

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Health check-up will be given to drivers with more than four hours travel or those with frequent and traffic jams, such as inter-city inter-province bus drivers and inter-city inner-province bus drivers. Health check-up is also applied for substitute drivers in one vehicle.

“Early detection on risk injury factors due to land transport accidents comprises of blood pressures check, alcohol level in blood through breathing, amphetamine level in urine and blood glucose level,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that most of accidents are caused by drivers consume drugs or alcohol.

“If we found drivers not fit to driver or become drivers, they will be referred to local health facilities as permitted by transportation agency. The task of health agency is giving recommendations, the ones who decide to be treated or not are transportation agency,” he said.

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Health socialization will also promote work safety and security to drivers and management of bus companies by ministry of health. Wibowo added that this is important to prevent accidents in the road, especially during holiday season.

Physically and mentally fit are basic requirements because long travel can be not according the initial plan. Ministry of health also encourage for bus companies to bring back up drivers if the main drivers tired or not feeling well as substitutes,” he said adding that fit physical and mental condition will make sure long travel can be save and manageable.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih


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