President Jokowi Handed Over Social Forestry Decrees to Groups in West Java

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social forestry
Photo: Humas KLHK

Bandung (Greeners) – President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo handed over 37 decrees of social forestry, a total of 8,617 hectares, to 5,459 families in eight districts of West Java province.

On his speech, President Jokowi said that the decree represents legal certainty for people to manage their own areas for 35 years. Furthermore, the president underlined for people to maximize social forestry permits.

“I really want lands to be productive. You can plant coffee, fruits, horticulture, and others,” said President Jokowi, at Juanda Forest Park, Bandung (11/11/2018).

The decrees granted permits of social forestry to 14 units of social forestry management covering a total of 2,943 hectares for 2,252 families, and 23 units of recognition and protection of forestry protection (KULIN KK) with a total of 5,674.29 hectares for 3,207 families.

Furthermore, President Jokowi also instructed ministers to accelerate social forestry program as it is an important and beneficial for people.

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“I want verification to be speed up by ministry of environment and forestry, and state-owned companies, including Perhutani and BPN. It must be finalized by next year because people are waiting,” he said adding that the grantees should be able to choose potential products suitable with their own regions.

Hence, people can benefit from social forestry program.

On the same event, other financial supports such as KUR and CSR, also handed over by Minister Darmin and Minister of State-Owned Companies, Rini Soemarno. In addition, seedlings are also handed over by Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya to people representatives.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution, said that the ministry will provide support of Community Nursery for ten groups, with each receive one hundred million rupiah.

It will provide employment opportunities as people need to collaborate in groups to set up the nursery. The result can also be used by members of groups to plant other than agroforestry. The community nursery is prioritizing productive seedlings, such as fruits.

“Current trend is no longer 30 percent of fruits and 70 percent of woods, but it’s becoming 70 percent of fruits and 30 percent of woods,” said Minister Darmin.

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Furthermore, recipients of the decrees will receive 5,000 seeds from Perum Perhutani and 3,500 seeds from ministry of environment and forestry, which also provide 116 units of productive tools, including coffee roaster machine, coffee pulper machine, coffee peeler machine, grinder machine, and cerana honey colony hive to social forestry management unit, farmer groups, and forest community empowerment foundation (LMDH) in West Java.

Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, said that the supports given to recipients are expected to be use of people to increase add value and their income to achieve targets of social forestry, sustainable forest management and people’s welfare.

“For the sake of justice for people, it is important for government to take side with people,” said Minister Siti.

The recipients are:
1. Cianjur district : two decrees of Kulin KK for a total of 1,163.37 hectares for 346 families.
2. Cirebon district : one decree of Kulin KK for a total of 103 hectares for 73 families.
3. Garut district : 11 decrees of Kulin KK for a total of 2,310.07 hectares for 1,216 families and eight decrees of IPHPS for a total of 861 hectares for 902 families.
4. Indramayu district : one decree of Kulin KK for a total of 363 hectares for 370 families and two decrees of IPHPS for a total of 450 hectares for 297 families.
5. Bandung district : one decree of Kulin KK for a total of 306.13 hectares for 137 families and three decrees of IPHPS for a total of 1,255 hectares for 907 families.
6. Majalengka district : five decrees of Kulin KK for a total of 1,081.25 hectares for 901 families.
7. Sukabumi district : one decree of Kulin KK for a total of 63.57 hectares for 54 families and one decree of IPHPS for a total of 377 hectares for 146 families.
8. Sumedang district : one decree of Kulin KK for a total of 283.9 hectares for 110 families.

Report by Dewi Purningsih