KLHK Keep Track of Asian Games Less Waste More Games Implementation

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less waste more games
Photo: greeners.co/Dewi Purningsih

Jakarta (Greeners) – The 2018 Asian Games produced at least 436.90 tons of waste since its opening in 27 August 2018, said a senior official of Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/8/2018).

Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, Director General of Waste, Toxic, and Hazardous Waste Management, at the ministry, said that they had continued to reduce and manage waste cooperating with officials of Asian Games (INASGOC) and local administrations.

“I want to appreciate INASGOC and sanitary teams for handling waste in the 2018 Asian Games, one of the biggest international sports event which pay attention to waste management,” said Ratnawati.

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Up to 27 January 2018, waste volume from Gelora Bung Karno reached 436.90 tons, — 58.62 tons are recyclable, for instance plastic bottles, 31/13 tons of paper waste and 347.15 tons of residues –.

“The number is expected to be lower as we apply the system to reduce and manage waste volume of Asian Games,” she said adding that the ministry provided trash bins for plastic and organic wastes, and motorcycles to collect waste.

Less Waste More Games

To ensure Less Waste More Games program, the ministry issued a letter distributed to INASGOC, venue owners, and local governments which held the events.

“The ministry will monitor Less Waste More Games until the closing of 2018 Asian Games,” she said.

Less Waste More Games is a program held during 2018 Asian Games to minimize environmental impacts, especially wastes.

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Meanwhile, Teuku Arla Perkasa Lukman, Director of Venue and Environment Department, INASGOC, said that they have respond the letter to do waste management, before, during or at the time, and after the events of 2018 Asian Games. They would also to use the tagline Less Waste More Games to support the movement.

“We will continue with this tagline. We have not evaluated waste volume per day in Asian Games, but we can ensure that in venues or areas are cleaner compare to other events with large mass. In addition, we have been anticipating and it shows good results compare to other events,” said Lukman.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih