World Environment Day 2019 Marks The Campaign To Curb Global Air Pollution

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Jakarta (Greeners) – United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) launched global campaign to tackle air pollution on 5th of June to mark World Environment Day by setting up #BeatAirPollution.

This year, China is hosting World Environment Day with the same theme, air pollution.

Indonesia’s Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, said that World Health Organization warns seven million people died because of air pollution, making it one of the biggest threat of human health.

Hence, UNEP picks up the theme, Beat Air Pollution, for this year’s World Environment Day.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Environment and Forestry celebrates the day by launching “My Blue Sky, My Green Earth” campaign.

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“Around the world, there are nine out of ten people affected by air pollution coming from motorcycles, industries, agriculture, and waste burning, ” said Minister Siti in Jakarta on Wednesday (05/06/2019). “Nationally, we adopt the theme with our relevance, My Blue Sky, My Green Earth. The theme is pur efforts to curb air pollution in relation to greening our Earth.”

Furthermore, she said that public transportation such as railways, busway, mass rapid transport (MRT), and light rapid transit (LRT) in Jakarta can reduce air pollution, but also promotes new public spaces, including public parks, pedestrians, which would eventually support lifestyle changes.

She said the efforts will be reflected in the improvement of air quality index.

Generally, air quality from 2015-18 is clean, with six provinces have improved their air quality, — Riau, Lampung, DKI Jakarta, East Java, Banten and South Kalimantan –.

“Nevertheless, provinces like DKI Jakarta, West Java and Central Java still deal with air pollution due to motorcycles. Meanwhile, Pontianak, Jambi, Palangkaraya, Padang and Palembang can change anytime depending on forest and land fires,” she said.

Since 2015, the ministry had developed air quality monitoring system and connected with existing 44 stations.

The monitoring system is equipped with devices to monitor 2.5 micrometer dust particle which is dangerous for respiratory system.

Dasrul Chaniago, Director of Environmental Pollution Control, said that the ministry will develop local air quality monitoring system.

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“The 26 air quality monitoring devices or AQMS which we will develop is made in Indonesia, for its cheaper maintenance, all process must be certified by SNI and follow procedures,” said Chaniago adding that the devices have different types with different procedures to operate.

“To use it correctly and the device is correct, to measure air ambient, there should be certified by SNI and needs to be in the stations. If it’s portable, we cannot just carry it and place it near exhaust engine. We are aware of that because we have portable too,” he said.

Furthermore, he said there are rules to measure air quality such as the placing and height of the device as not to result in controversy.

“The device needs to be placed with tripod, the height is 2.5 to three meters above ground, and maximum of 15 meters from the road. So, the device will not be carried by vehicles,” he said.

The ministry will be holding Environment and Forestry Week on July 11-13 in Jakarta Convention Center to celebrate World Environment Day.

Reports by Dewi Purningsih