BNPB Cooperates With Japanese Scientist to Predict Earthquake

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Jakarta (Greeners) – As a country prone to earthquakes, Indonesia has yet to be able to predict the natural disaster prompted the country’s agency for disaster mitigation (BNPB) to apply an early warning system, said a spokesperson, in Jakarta, on Wednesday (06/04).

The initiative was inspired after Earthquake Prediction Research Center Japan developed technology which allows to predict earthquakes and tsunami as aftershocks.

“Especially, there are 184 million people are prone to earthquakes categories mild and high,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, head of Data, Information and Public Relation.

The technology was a hybrid of high technology such as satellite, radar, GPS censor and other devices for instance electromagnetic wave detector. In addition, the technology will be backed up by multiple data such as water level. The data is generated from satellites owned by US, Russia, Germany, and Japan. Those data will be analysis with supercomputer artificial intelligence.

“The hope for this technology development is to establish International Surface Artificial Intelligence Communicator (ISACO). So, that every one living in prone areas will obtain information on earthquake potential,” said Nugroho.

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Early warning email can also be accessed through smartphone which will notify more than five on the Richter scale potential a day ahead. Nevertheless, he underlined the risk education and evacuation preparedness must be understood by people.

With the technology, Japan can predict earthquake potential so people can anticipate the worst risk. In addition, Japan also predicts earthquake followed by tsunami which will impact 332,000 lives in 30 prefectures.

Based on EPRC, the data had reached up to 80 percent. Earthquake potential is predicted to happen due to Great Nankai Trough tectonic activities.

The analysis showed shocking results that within three years, 2013 to 2016, had displayed high level accuracy percentage.

Earthquakes of Magnitude 6 occurred 38 times and 31 times detected before the hit, or 82 percent accurate. Meanwhile, earthquakes of Magnitude 5 – 5.9 with accuracy of 77 percent.

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EPRC scientist, Shigeyoshi Yagishita, said major earthquakes occurred within 100 to 200 years of period because of Nankai Through for the past 1,400 years.

Shigeyoshi added that scientists were able to predict major earthquake potentials which occurred in the next 30 years with 80 percent accuracy. However, he admitted difficulties to set up ten meter tsunami walls along the coast of Japan. Meanwhile, Nankai Through can resulted to 34 meters tsunami in Tosashimizu, Kochi.

“EPRC wanted to help Indonesia which also lies above tectonic plates. We will not use state budget if the technology to be applied in Indonesia,” he said. “For the first step, BNPB will cooperate with BMKG, BIG, BPPT, universities and other institutions.”

Reports by Danny Kosasih