Green Group Protested Thousands of Coral Reefs Damage in Binor

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Photo: Binor Green Community

Probolinggo (Greeners) – A green group, Binor Green Community, submitted a protest letter to Ministry of Environment and Forestry, on thousands of damage coral reef in Binor village, Paiton subdistrict of Probolinggor district, East Java, caused by coal transportation.

“At least 0.26 percent of total coral reef in Binor is damaged. Beside coral reef, there are six mountains of coral reefs also destroyed,” said head of Binor Green Community (BGC), Anton Marsono, on Monday (03/09/2018).

Marsono said that coral reefs damages were found on August 19 based on the report made by BGC and Pasir Putih environmental care community of Situbondo.

“The total of damaged areas is 5,340 square meters. However, there are other severe damages which covers 26 x 50 square meters,” he said.

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Furthermore, he said that coal carrier barges of Paiton power plant hit coral reefs causing the damages. “Coral reefs damages in Binor is caused by coal carrier barges of Paiton power plant. There are four companies of Paiton power plant using coal,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that every day the barges entered Binor areas. “We don’t know the exact number, sometimes five times per day. Meanwhile, this power plant has already operating since 27 years,” he said adding that the barges violated the lighthouse which serves as the boundary. “The reason to violate the lighthouse are varies, including it was dark so they couldn’t see anything.”

He said that they had already protested to the company but no respond. “On Monday, a day after the finding, we came to the company. But, they didn’t acknowledge our finding,” he said.

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As a result, they sent a protest letter to the ministry on August 23, stating the damages and demanded for Paiton power plant to be responsible. The letter also stated that the ministry to investigate the damages.

“We demand for Minister of Environment and Forestry to revoke and suspend the 2017-2018 Proper award given to all companies in Paiton power plant complex. We want the ministry to investigate the case,” he said.

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