World Rafting Championship 2015 Ends with Brazil Breaking Home Advantage Myth

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Tim nasional U-19 Putra berhasil mencatat sejarah dengan meraih medali emas pertama Indonesia selama mengikuti Kejuaraan Dunia Arung Jeram, di Sungai Citarik, Kabupaten Sukabumi, Jawa Barat, Selasa (1/12). Presiden IRF, Joe Willie Jones (depan), menyerahkan pialanya. Foto: Lassak Imaji/Tagor Siagian

Citarik (Greeners) – The 2015 World Rafting Championship (WRC) in Citarik River of Cijambe village, Cikidang subdistrict, Sukabumi district of West Java on November 29 to December 8 is finally over.

The race revealed that host country supposedly has better field advantage did not always win the game.

At the end of 2015 WRC, Brazil reigned at world’s rafting championship for Under 23 years old (U-23) classes both in Men and Women categories and Men Open Class category.

Besides Brazil, gold medals went to Russia, New Zealand, and Chezchs Republic for Men and Women U-19, Men and Women Master Class (above 40 years), and Women Open Class, respectively.

President of International Rafting Federation (IRF) Joe Willie Jones acknowledged Indonesian Rafting Federation (FAJI) for its hard work in hosting the championship.

Joe said FAJI proved to serve pathway for other Asian countries to hold the next race which will be held in Japan.

“Becoming the pioneer of hosting WRC in Asia itself was a huge achievement. Of course, it was not perfect but it can be fixed if they want to host WRC R4,” he said in press release to Greeners in Jakarta (10/12).

Joe also reminded participant to be responsible for their athletes’ best interests.

“The World Championship is not about the organization but for the sake of the sports,” he said.

Furthermore, he was also enthusiastic to see participants in U-19 and U-23 classes were increasing with 11 countries entered the race.

He said that IRF country members should pay attention to their young athletes development.

“Because, they are future champions. The best sport organization is capable to regenerate its athletes. So, let’s encourage young generation to go back to nature through adventure sport. Don’t let them drown in gadget and stay out of the sun,” he added.

The first World Rafting Championship was held in 1998 and Indonesia was the first Asian country to host the race as Citarik river was officially declared eligible for R6/Rafting 6 (six rowers in one boat) category.

As much as 592 rowers from 23 countries participated in the 2015 WRC in Indonesia.

Apart from being the first organization in Asia to have held the race, Indonesia also earned its first gold medal since joining the IRF in 2000.

Indonesia received gold medal in Men U-19 class against UK and Russia in the 300 meters Sprint.

In addition, Indonesia collected two more gold medals through Women U-19 and Men U-23 classes in Down River Race (DRR) category.

Numbers competed in the 2015 WRC were Sprint, Head To Head/H2H (one boat against one boat), Slalom and DRR for Men and Women classes.

Meanwhile, Open Classes are available for all ages to join in one team.

Reports by Renty Hutahaean

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