Botanical Gardens Hold Important Role to Tackle Water Issues

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Jakarta (Greeners) – Botanical gardens serve as water catchment areas and protect its supply. Hence, developing botanical garden can be considered as one of solution to tackle water issues with integrated water management, from up to downstream using technology.

Head of Indonesian Institute for Sciences, Iskandar Zulkarnain, said that LIPI had managed to apply water security concept for small island with minimum access on clean water supply using technology for the past few years. The concept dubbed as One Island, One Plan, One Water.

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“The concept of One Island, One Plan, One Water offers water management for a region or island with integrated system from the upstream to downstream,” said Iskandar, in Jakarta, on Tuesday(16/5). “To manage water in a region or island, it must be integrated in one system.”

Meanwhile, LIPI’s Plant Conservation Center Head, Didik Widyatmoko, said LIPI’s integrated concept for water management, One Island, One Plan, One Water, along with botanical garden’s conservation function can be applied in areas prone to water scarcity.

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With the implementation, said Widyatmoko, spatial planning and regional planning concepts will push forward environmental friendly development based on technology, including natural resources management, water management technology, water conservation technology, water quality and quantity technology, water distribution technology, water quality testing technology, and waste water management technology.

“The concept is to make water management integrated system in a regional as the foundation of regional economic development because water security is the most important foundation of food and energy securities,” he said.

Reports by Danny Kosasih


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